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Century Flower: Your new and improved face mist

Here at Pai we’re always working behind the scenes to reevaluate our range and cook up new ideas. Our latest project? Reformulating Century Flower, our most-loved tonic, to give it a skin-supporting upgrade.

In its new life, Century Flower 2.0 is our Barrier Defence Mist. Not just any mist, but a universally calming and cooling face mist that’s suitable for all skin types - especially the most sensitive.

What’s new

Let’s get into the details. Our updated mist has a new formula, new spray and a new size – a hat-trick of improvements designed to give you the best bang for your buck (and the best experience for your skin).

New clinically-proven formula

We’ve kept all the bits you loved, but our new formula goes the extra mile. More soothing, more hydrating, more refreshing.

The biggest difference? We’ve added in powerful actives that bolster the skin barrier. The health of this outermost layer of your skin is what determines the health of your skin overall – so keeping it in tip-top shape is crucial, regardless of your skin type or condition.

Here’s what’s doing all the hard work. We’ve added an anti-inflammatory Deep Sea Magnesium and Minerals complex, as well as prebiotic Inulin to fortify and protect the skin.

And we know it’s more effective; the new formula is clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, by helping to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL)*. In short – it keeps your skin hydrated, delivering moisture where it’s needed to keep dryness and sensitivity at bay.

Talking of hydration, we’ve taken that up a notch too, adding in our natural Hyaluronic Acid for your skin to drink from all day long.

But Century Flower devotees, don’t fret: the living waters you know and love from the Lotus plant are still the star of the show, and we’ve kept that precious Orange Blossom scent too. Being a natural floral water rather than an essential oil, it calms the senses without any hint of irritation.

That’s not all we’ve kept from the bestselling original. It’s still 100% alcohol-free, because we’d never use ingredients that strip the skin. And just like the rest of our range, it’s independently patch tested on sensitive skin for peace of mind, too.

 natural face spray

New spray action

It’s not just what’s inside that counts. The packaging itself has had a facelift too. Our new Century Flower comes complete with an improved atomiser – made with PCR plastic – that delivers a gentle, ultra-fine mist.

New larger size

You asked for more, so we listened – and we agreed that bigger was indeed better. The new mist now comes in 100ml - big enough to keep you going, small enough to take on the go.

And though our bottles are recyclable, it’s good for the planet too; sizing up means less packaging in the long term.

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How to use it in your routine

We’re often asked whether you really need a face mist. That’s why we wanted to make sure ours brings real results. The best part is that it complements your entire routine, no matter how or when you use it.

hydrated skin

Here’s how to get the most of your mist – and trust us, you’ll soon notice a difference if you skip it.

After cleansing

Use it as part of your daily AM and PM routine. Spritz over skin after cleansing and allow the nutrients to absorb fully. Follow with your chosen serum, moisturiser or face oil.

Between skincare steps

If you really want to up the ante and lock in moisture, you could take inspiration from the K-Beauty trend, The 7 Skins Method. The trick is to use an alcohol-free toner after each step of your routine, to combat dehydration – and skincare layering is something our Founder, Sarah, is a big fan of to increase product penetration.

Simply spritz a layer of Century Flower between each of your skincare steps. And don’t worry, you don’t need a seven-step routine to feel the benefits; simplicity is key.

Throughout the day

Keep in your handbag, car or desk for a quick on-the-go hydration boost. Not only does it provide a quick moment of calm, it will ensure skin is soothed from AM to PM.

 woman using face mist

As a travel companion

Whether you need a hit of hydration on a long flight (air humidity in planes can drop to 5%, which sucks moisture out of skin) or a refreshing pick-me-up in the hot weather, don’t go on holiday without it.

Our top tip? Pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling fix after a day in the sun.

When you have a flare-up

Skin feeling extra sensitive? Get misting and put Century Flower to the rescue.

Our Founder Sarah uses it in the midst of a flare-up - it really helps calm down her urticaria and take the heat out of the situation.

To refresh make-up

Yes, it can be used on top of make-up too. After a long day, a quick spritz can bring your morning make-up back to life – or give you a more hydrated canvas if you need to quickly reapply.

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*Based on a clinical study carried out on 11 women


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