Glowing mineral sunscreen for sensitive skin

Sensitive sunscreen’s had a glow-up

There’s a lot to do each morning. And though sunscreen is an absolute non-negotiable, we do understand how it could get forgotten about when dashing out the door, toast in hand, late to catch the train. We also know our customers often skip SPF because it’s irritating or they don’t like the heavy finish. So naturally, we got to brainstorming.

Could we create a sunscreen as kind to sensitive skin as our existing British Summer Time™ SPF30 – that also adds instant luminosity?

Yes, we could. Introducing British Summer Time Glow™ SPF 30. A 2-in-1 sunscreen that feels more like skincare. And looks more like a glow-boosting primer.

All-natural ingredients to protect and prime

British Summer Time Glow™ SPF 30 is a hybrid formula that combines the last step of skincare with the first step of make-up. It’s a 100% natural non-greasy sunscreen, with mineral filters for broad spectrum protection. And our clever in-house chemists have added natural reflective pigments for instant radiance – with a finish so luminous, you’ll never want to skip sunscreen again.

 British Summer Time Glow SPF 30

We know that mineral sunscreens are well suited to sensitive, reactive or rosacea-prone skin. So just like our original formula, we used non-nano Zinc Oxide to act as the physical shield – offering broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB light.

We’ve kept in the Cotton Extract too – a hardworking Vitamin E-rich active that helps protect sensitive skin from photo-ageing and photodamage.

What’s different about this formula is the natural, ethically-sourced** Mica inside. This natural pearlescent pigment is the ingredient that powers our bestselling bronzing drops, The Impossible Glow™. It reflects light, giving skin a natural, lit-from-within healthy glow – for summer skin, all year round.

 Pai British Summer Time Glow SPF

Proven results

While we believe in our formulations, it’s always exciting to put them to the test. And in consumer trials*, our innovative sunscreen passed with flying colours:

  • 83% said skin looks instantly more luminous
  • 88% agreed it works well as a smooth, even base
  • 87% agreed it layers well as the last step of their skincare routine
  • 86% agreed the shade works well with their skin tone
  • 86% agreed it doesn't leave skin shiny or oily

As with all Pai products, it’s also clinically proven for sensitive skin.

How to use British Summer Time Glow™ SPF 30

On days you wear make-up, think of this sunscreen as your new (and much improved) primer. Or if make-up free is more your vibe, then let British Summer Time Glow™ be your skin, on a really good day. It’s your final skincare step and your first make-up step combined.

Before applying your sunscreen each morning, do your tried and trusted skincare routine. That might look like a cleanse, serum and moisturise three-step or – no judgement here – a splash of water to the face to wake you up and a slathering of moisturiser.

 Model applying glow sunscreen

To enhance your glow further, you can apply The Impossible Glow™ as a hydrating highlighter, or mix it with your foundation if you’re wearing one.

Sunscreen is designed to stay on the skin for as long as possible – so at the end of the day, remove your sunscreen with a double cleanse, to ensure every last trace is gone.

Find your sensitive sunscreen

Still unsure which sunscreen is right for your skin? If you want a matte, natural finish with no added glow, our original British Summer Time™ SPF 30 is for you. Or if you want a glowing finish from a sunscreen that’s also fragrance free, you’ll love our new British Summer Time Glow™ SPF 30. Then again, you might want both…

Shop British Summer Time Glow™ SPF30 right here or browse our sunscreens for sensitive skin here

*Independently tested on 103 volunteers. Equally weighted across skin types I-VI, based on Fitzpatrick's Phototype Scale

**Our Mica is sustainably and ethically sourced from a manufacturer that is a member of The Responsible Mica Initiative.



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