Products For Dry Skin


Shop our range of natural skin care products for dry skin. We never use drying alcohols, synthetic ingredients or detergents to protect sensitive skin and promote a long-lasting soft and supple complexion.

Products For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a skin type largely decided by our genetic makeup. Unlike dehydrated skin which lacks water, dry skin actually lacks oil. Our nourishing, organic formulas deeply hydrate and ease the discomfort and tightness of dry skin (sometimes known as Xeroderma). Our skin care range for dry skin delivers multiple benefits.The Love & Haight Moisturiser is formulated with avocado and jojoba. Rich in fatty oils, it is perfect for restoring skin lacking in natural oils, leaving skin quenched and supple. Our Back To Life Serum will hydrate dry skin without irritation, while our Rosehip Oil is perfect for nourishing and regenerating skin.
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