Products For Hypersensitive Skin

Calm easily irritated, stressed-out skin with our targeted products for hypersensitive skin.

Calm easily irritated, stressed-out skin with our targeted products for hypersensitive skin. Carefully formulated with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and skin-strengthening omegas, they’ll leave your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and nourished.

Hypersensitive skin can be triggered when it comes into contact with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, causing itchiness, redness and blemishes. Our skincare is certified organic, ensuring there are no known irritants inside. Instead, we use natural ingredients such as soothing Chamomile, naturally plumping ceramides and anti-inflammatory Schisandra.

Discover our collection of hydrating and softening skincare products to help keep irritation at bay.

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Products For Hypersensitive Skin

Hypersensitive skin is overly reactive to various factors, including environmental triggers like temperature changes, certain chemicals, or even stress. Symptoms include burning, itching and stinging, as well as visible reactions such as redness or acne.

Created to break the frustrating cycles of reactions and irritation, this skincare range has been designed to prevent future flare-ups. Bursting with ingredients to soothe and calm reactive skin, we’ve taken great care to ensure there are no common irritants included in our precious formulas.

Formulated with calming Chamomile and Rosehip, The Anthemis is our #1 moisturiser for hypersensitive skin. Designed to leave the skin feeling nourished while protecting its barrier, this moisturiser feels silky and cooling on hot, irritated skin.

Experiencing sensitive skin on the body too? Look to our Polly Plum body cream. Deeply hydrating, it contains Calendula and Jojoba to add comfort and help calm irritation.

Find the entire selection of products for hypersensitive skin on this page, and build a daily routine with skincare you can really trust.


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