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Products For Dehydrated Skin

Restore and revive dehydrated skin with our moisture-locking serums, moisturisers and tonics.

Restore and revive dehydrated skin with our moisture-locking serums, moisturisers and tonics. Often confused with dryness, dehydration is a temporary skin state caused by a lack of moisture, resulting in the skin feeling tight, papery and dull. Relatable? Luckily, our collection of dehydrated skin products at Pai are like a much-needed glass of water for your complexion.

Designed to enrich and rejuvenate thirsty skin, adding our products for dehydrated skin to your skincare arsenal will help you achieve that sought-after natural glow. Refreshing and calming, star ingredients include softening Jojoba Oil, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and stimulating Orange Blossom.

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Products For Dehydrated Skin

It’s not just dry skin that gets dehydrated – it can affect all skin types, including oily and combination skin. Your tight, dehydrated face could be linked to the weather, diet or the environment – factors that we can’t always control, but can leave your skin feeling lacklustre.

The good news is dehydrated skin is easily remedied. Feed the skin hydration and moisture without irritating sensitivities with our natural formulas, rich in ceramide complexes, essential amino acids and vitamins.

Looking for the best moisturiser for dehydrated skin? Packed full of smoothing Jojoba Oil and enriching Avocado Oil, the Love and Haight hydrating moisturiser will be your new best friend. Pair this with the soothing Century Flower tonic to quench thirsty skin for a supple and glowing finish.

From intense hydration serums to hydrating moisturisers and protective oils, our range of skincare for dehydrated skin will restore moisture in no time.


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