Face Masks

The supplements to your daily routine, our natural face masks offer an instant pick-me-up for even the most delicate complexions. We use breakthrough organic ingredients and innovative formulations deliver visible results in the gentlest possible way.

  • Resurrection Girl
    Resurrection Plant & Blue Tansy Oil Hydrating Mask


  • Dinner Out Dinner Out
    • New Formula
    Dinner Out
    Copaiba & Kaolin Blemish Mask + Twin Flyer Cloth


Face Masks

Our natural face masks have all been formulated for sensitive skin. Made with 100% natural ingredients, choose from our two hydrating face masks which offer a deep cleanse or instant hydration in just ten relaxing minutes. Particularly effective if dull skin is a concern but suitable for all skin types.

So whether you have oily, acne-prone skin or dry and reactive skin, these organic face masks will clarify and brighten. Our face masks include an exfoliating organic muslin cloth to remove the formula. A deep but gentle cleanse.


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