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Buy One, Gift One - your order means an NHS frontline worker, care home, homeless charity or beauty bank will receive a donation of Acton Spirit too. Stay safe and keep others safe by staying home if you can.

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A few weeks ago we decided to create a hand sanitizer due to the global shortage. I am so proud of how the team rallied together to launch a brand new product in two weeks.Pai is based in South Acton and we feel the name Acton Spirit sums up the amazing resilience and community spirit we are seeing here in West London.The packaging may be a little makeshift initially - we’re over-labelling existing tubes for speed. But I figured you’d be forgiving provided it worked!Buy One, Give One For every tube of Acton Spirit we sell, we will give one away to someone who needs it. We've started already! We've gifted this to NHS frontline workers, care homes, charities and beauty...

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Wash your hands with soap and water to keep yourself, your family and your community safe. If water is unavailable, use a Hand Gel with at least 60% alcohol (ours is 65%) as that is thought to be effective at reducing levels of bacteria and viruses on your skin. Apply enough to thoroughly spread over both hands and rub into skin until dry.  

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Pai is quite unique among beauty brands, we have our own laboratories, factory and we ship everything ourselves. When the world ran out of Sanitizing Gel, Tony, one of our lead chemists, developed a formula from scratch in two days, and the team rallied round to make it, fill and label the tubes, and ship them to you."Acton Spirit" isn't just a hand gel, it is our answer to the question: "what can we do to help?" 

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Full Ingredients

Alcohol (denat.)AquaCarbomerAgonis fragrans branch/leaf oilSodium hydroxide Please note due to ingredient supply constraints the ingredients may vary slightly. The alcohol content of our Hand Sanitizer will always be 65%.

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